Our Post and Rail Fencing Range

Stevens Post and Rail Fencing offers the choice 2 & 3 Rail fence kits.

Our wood varieties include Red Gum, and Red Iron Bark.

All our post and rail fencing kits come fully mortised. The kit pieces just slot together, there is no need for any bolts and fixtures.
If your size requirements are not listed below, we are happy to explore your requirements.

Our most common Post and Rail Fencing materials used are;

200x200 various lengths – usually used as End or Gate/Corner Posts

200x150 various lengths - usually used as End or Gate/Corner Posts
200x100x1.8 – usually used as centre posts
200x50 (most common 2400mm or 2700mm) – used as Railings

We supply our Post and Rail Fencing Products Bevelled free of charge as standard.


Entrances are a large part of our business, through experience we have found that when doing Tapered driveway entrances, instead of mortising at 45o angles, we found our mortising style gives you more variety of angles to increase your flexibility when installing. 

Our post and rail fences look fantastic with our Humevale Heritage Gates, Sunshine Gates and Australian made Automatic Gate Openers.